New App


Otto Flath Music App now out on Android and iphone. Check out pictures, credits or listen to music on your phone.

Purchase Otto Flath Sheet Music


You can now purchase "Hidden Royalty" sheet music pdfs for the Piano by going to the 'SHOP' tab.

LA based 411 Music Group Releases "Horror Volume 1 / Underscore"


411 Music Group has released their catalogue "Epic Trailers Volume 1" featuring "A Psycho's Writer's Block" by Otto Flath.

Trailer for the Shining to be scored by Otto Flath


The Trailer for the re release of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining is to be scored by Otto Flath.

Aspect's trailer for the HD release of "The Shining" won a Silver Key Arts Award


Congradulations to Aspect on winning the silver Key Art Award in Home Entertainment: Audio/Visual and 411 composer Otto Flath who wrote the custom music for The Shining trailer!!   -411 Music Group

Originals On Paper


Originals by Otto Flath will soon be purchasable for download in the form of a piano notation pdf in the near future.

Xerxes Nøble's New Solo Album


Xerxes Nøble's solo record "Xerø" is now out. Check out track 5 "Snowflake" featuring Otto Flath on the piano.

2 String Sound (두줄소리) Now on iTunes

Listen to "2 String Sound (두줄소리)" by 김 승택 (Seungtaek Kim) the latest album co-produced arranged, edited and performed on by Otto Flath With Korean Producer Serin Hong.


LA based 411 Music Group Releases Epic Trailers Volume 1


411 Music Group has released their catalogue "Epic Trailers Volume 1" featuring orchestrations by Otto Flath.

Working In South Korea


Presently in Gwanju Gyeongii-do South Korea writing and producing for a Korean Traditional album.

Pending release dates.

Otto Flath Productions

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